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About AmmoNow.Com

How it works

AmmoNow visits ammunition sales websites and records their ammunition prices. It then sorts those prices and lists them here so you can see the best deals.


AmmoNow currently has data on 10935 items and 678401 rounds.

The other ammunition indexing sites claim to have accurate information, but do they verify every single round every single day like AmmoNow does?

AmmoNow uses programs that index ammunition sales websites automatically every day. AmmoNow can even tell how many items are left in stock for most sales sites. Don't get bad information from other sites that rely on users to update ammo links! Stick with AmmoNow.Com for reliable information and great deals.

AmmoNow.Com supports the enforcement of existing gun laws and the forceful rejection of new restrictions. Criminals tend to not follow laws, regardless of how new the laws are.

There are people in this world that just don't care. They don't have reason to stop to think about what is legal or not legal. They see jail simply as an opportunity to see some buddies they haven't seen for a while. Whatever new gun laws are created, people who simply don't give a shit won't follow them, just as they are doing right now. The only people we hurt are ourselves.

Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and otherwise dangerous people is a noble cause. Just because we aren't completely successful at it doesn't mean we should give everyone in the country a gun when they are born, nor does it mean we should restrict the lawful gun owner. Very few laws/campaigns/regulations will work 100% of the time. Lets work on improving the enforcement, not putting a bunch more words into an already bloated set of laws that dangerous people won't follow anyways.